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Best practice, fully licensed waste management

There's an increasing awareness by individuals and organisations to correctly dispose of waste from an environmental perspective as well as a legal one. Increased scrutiny from the public and government departments has created a focus on “best practice” for waste disposal, and ETS promotes this culture.
From the training of our staff on correct handling procedures of dangerous goods, to the segregation of our trucks for waste specific removal, our policy is to ensure the safety of our staff, the public and environment. All waste is tracked in accordance with EPA guidelines; our facilities are fully licensed, as are the trucks for the loads we carry. Most of all, our staff continue to undertake the appropriately recognised training and accreditation.
Our licenses, current Pollution Incident Response Management Plans (PIRMP), policies and business terms are available for you to view below.





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Business Terms

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Work Safety

Given the nature of the work in which products such as corrosive, toxic and flammable materials are a regular consideration, it is essential that correct safety procedures are adhered to to minimise the chance of injury to our staff, the public or the environment.


Correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for staff, spill kits and extinguishers in trucks and throughout the facilities, hydraulic lifts and specially designed trolleys are just some of the equipment in use, and regularly updated/replaced, to ensure everyone's safety.


Sustainability is defined as the capacity to endure, to remain diverse and productive over time. The history and growth of ETS is certainly typified by these characteristics. Through our commitment to research and development we have moved from a single isolated location servicing the Sydney metro area to multiple licensed facilities operating Australia-wide with regular work flow coming in from Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia. We will continue to look at new technologies and approaches that assist in this sustainable approach for the business, especially those that provide alternatives to landfill.

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