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Specialised waste streams

Environmental Treatment Solutions services customers Australia-wide. Via our own transport fleet, as well as established inter-business relationships, ETS is able to cost-effectively transport and dispose of a wide variety of specialised waste streams.


We have the ability, experience and a proven track record of adequately treating and disposing of items including (but certainly not limited to): aerosols, gas cylinders, resins, paints, hydrocarbon related waste (rags, oil filters, oily water), contaminated soils, acids, pesticides, insecticides and laboratory chemicals.


Read on for further details on Chemical & hazardous waste / Contaminated soil disposalLab chemical disposalSpecialised waste streamsIndustrial services & bulk liquid disposalProduct destruction, or contact us at 1300 133 583 for a free quote

Chemical & hazardous waste

Hazardous and Restricted waste streams are those that typically cannot be sent straight to normal landfill; these include substances defined under the Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods. These waste streams must be pre-treated to a level that satisfies the Waste Classification Guidelines. ETS has extensive experience in the management of these types of streams and can provide professional on-site advice where necessary to ensure compliance and conformity.

Paints, inks & dyes
Resins & latex
Sludge & slurries
Adhesives & glues

Oil filters
Rags & absorbents
Empty contaminated containers
Fluorescent tubes
Drums & bags
Fly ash
Filter cake

Hydrocarbon waste
Flammable waste
Radioactive waste
Quarantine waste
Surface active agents
Acids, alkali & caustics
Metallic & mercury
Laboratory chemicals
Spent catalysts
Industrial wash waters


Contaminated soil disposal

We safely dispose of soil contaminated with PCBs, heavy metals, PAHs, TPH, acid sulphate, pesticides, oil and fuel. Whether you are located in NSW or Victoria, our professional team will get the job done on time and on budget while adhering to EPA regulations. ETS are licensed with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), so you can rest assured that our team is able to safely and efficiently remove and dispose of hazardous, contaminated soil, including:

  • Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)

  • Heavy metals

  • PAHs

  • TPH

  • Acid sulphate or pesticides

  • Oil and fuel


Lab chemical disposal

ETS offer professional and safe collection and disposal of surplus, obsolete and out of date laboratory chemicals and materials in accordance with EPA guidelines.

We have a long history of dealing with schools, universities and independent organisations that have their own laboratory capabilities. We consult with our clients to ensure waste streams are packaged correctly and safely. We are able to supply all the necessary packaging should certain waste groups require isolation from other classes, and of course we provide all the relevant EPA Waste Tracking Documentation so that a compliant audit trail is generated. Our qualified Chemists provide advice and manage the handling and disposal of your lab waste.


ETS can safely collect and dispose of:

  • Obsolete and out of date lab chemicals

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Acids & alkalis

  • Oxidisers

  • Poisons & toxics

  • Used equipment (PPE, glassware, containers, etc)


Specialised waste streams

ETS has the resources and experience to manage highly specialised waste streams governed by separate legislation and requiring specialist treatment and transport. ETS can provide informed consultancy services for the correct handling, transport and disposal of such waste and provide certain collection and disposal services for the products. We can advise on the transport and disposal of:

  • Flares

  • Ammunition

  • Picric acid

  • Medical instrumentation

  • Low level radioactive waste (<100bq/g)


Industrial services & bulk liquid disposal

ETS offers tailored solutions for any industrial situation – from the supply of skilled workforce for confined space entry, to vacuum loading and bulk liquids. Our industrial services include:

  • High pressure cleaning

  • Vacuum loading

  • Tank cleaning

  • Non-destructive digging

ETS green cropped.jpg

Product destruction

Our experienced team will arrive on-site to quickly and efficiently remove the redundant products before transporting them in a secure truck for safe, secure and certified destruction. ETS can manage the safe disposal of a range of products, including:

  • Food & beverages

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Retail items (clothing, shoes, perfume etc)

  • Computers and other office equipment

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