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Our waste management process

Our mission at Environmental Treatment Solutions is simple: to provide high-quality, high-complexity services in a timely manner. Since opening our doors, we’ve been committed to providing service of the highest quality, working efficiently while keeping the lines of communication with our clients open and clear.

Because the materials we handle may be dangerous and the safety of our staff and our clients is of paramount importance, our processes are meticulously thought-out and followed with care. 

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Our systems and procedures

The waste disposal process is complicated enough – identification, classification, packaging and more – so we work hard to simplify it for our clients.


  • ETS offers email, phone or face-to-face contact to discuss your requirements.

  • ETS generates all the necessary EPA waste documents then send our EPA licensed trucks to site to assist in the loading and removal of the waste.

  • The waste is then processed at our licensed facilities, to be used as an alternative fuel source or further treated for a suitable environmental disposal option.

  • Finally, we meet your audit and reporting requirements.


Bespoke solutions

ETS recognises that every facility and organisation that we interact with has its own expectations and unique requirements and we strive to accommodate those requirements respectfully and professionally. Agreeing access and service response times, induction procedures, WHS, PPE and compliance requirements are all standard but highly site-specific aspects of the waste disposal workplace.


By owning and operating each aspect of the waste disposal cycle (identification, transport, disposal facilities) ETS tailors client-specific solutions void of any third party margins or influences, with the emphasis on recycling, reusing and, as a last resort, disposal.

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Ensuring compliance

With the ever changing guidelines and regulations that govern the waste disposal process within Australia, its easy to take a misstep. ETS prides itself on providing direct and rapid expert consultation on matters relating to hazardous waste disposal. Obtaining clarity and conformity to the regulations and guidelines delivered by the EPA and other regulatory bodies is paramount when disposing of waste correctly.


ETS provides specialised assistance with:

  • waste classification.

  • handling & storage of dangerous goods and substances.

  • assistance with EPA licencing, and

  • complex problem-solving.


We find sustainable solutions

ETS is committed to the research, development and implementation of innovative technologies in our operations. We're conscious that too often waste streams are more 'easily' disposed of to existing landfills, but ultimately these options are exhaustible. Our goal is to deliver sustainable alternative options for these waste streams, ideally creating new value in the circular economy. Our focus is on recycling, reusing and, as a last resort, disposal of waste. 


ETS is vigilant in its efforts to deliver treatments and solutions that provide 'green' or reusable answers to current waste concerns. Through a dedicated research & development program and commitment to best-practices these capabilities continue to expand and improve, with the underlying goal of the business being a zero waste to landfill policy.


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