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New Integrated Waste Tracking System (IWTS)

As you may be aware, the NSW EPA is moving FROM the Online Waste Tracking system (OWT) and WasteLocate TO the Integrated Waste Tracking System (IWTS), to track movements of hazardous and other regulated wastes.

From 28 February 2024, any material that was previously tracked with the Online Waste Tracking System with the use of waste transport certificates (WTC/TCs) must be tracked with the Integrated Waste Tracking System.

You may have heard directly from the EPA regarding this transition. You may also have received an email from KPMG Origins with login instructions.

You can review the EPA’s website for additional details on the IWTS, including how to activate your IWTS account:

What this means for your trackable waste collections / deliveries:

  • Your collections by ETS will proceed as usual; however, you will notice a change in the EPA paperwork that is provided.

  • Transport certificates are now referred to as Movements and have a different format.

  • We understand that some customers may be able to generate Movements for loads being delivered to ETS, however we ask all customers not to do this. ETS will continue to create all the EPA documentation for waste tracking (Movements) and will provide this with our job paperwork at time of booking.

Customers are invited to reach out to your ETS sales representative if you have any questions or contact us on 1300 133 583 or

For readers who are not yet customers, we'd be delighted to speak with you about your needs and can offer the assurance that Environmental Treatment Solutions' highly reputable service ensures regulatory compliance with the least amount of fuss.

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