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REMONDIS boosts hazardous waste disposal capability with finalisation of ETS acquisition

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

MEDIA RELEASE // 19 May 2022 //

REMONDIS Australia has firmed its position as a hazardous waste management market leader with the acquisition of Environmental Treatment Solutions (ETS).

A foremost Australian hazardous waste and dangerous goods processing and disposal operator for many years, ETS entered into joint-venture arrangements with REMONDIS in 2018, with the full acquisition having been completed just recently.

The acquisition will see ETS’s Minto headquarters in Sydney and its Blayney and Rutherford sites in regional New South Wales operate under the REMONDIS fold moving forward.

Both parties emphasised a business-as-usual approach in terms of services and customer attention for the foreseeable future, with Environmental Treatment Solutions continuing to operate under its own widely regarded brand.There are no anticipated changes to staffing, with all of ETS’s 25 staff to remain.

A highlight of the arrangement will be the eventual addition of waste water treatment operations at Rutherford, which may result in staff recruitment in due course. ETS obtained NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) approvals for such expansion earlier this year.

“As a global leader in all facets of waste management, REMONDIS is interested in blue-chip businesses that can dovetail with the global group’s internationally recognised standards and capabilities,” ETS Manager Brad Williams said.

“On that front Environmental Treatment Solutions is an ideal fit, having developed a first class track record in terms of environmental contribution and customer focus over many years.

“The biggest winners are customers, given that the synergies of both ETS and REMONDIS will take customer offerings and service to a higher level.

“The arrangements position us to remain cost competitive across the Australian dangerous goods management landscape, and create scope for us to attract many new customers.”

REMONDIS acknowledges ETS owners and respected industry stalwarts, Jock Germany and Geoff O'Dell, the driving forces behind the ETS success story. Jock and Geoff will remain close to operations in pivotal consultancy roles, with a focus on customer relations.

Environmental Treatment Solutions (ETS) operates multiple end-to-end hazardous waste and dangerous goods disposal facilities with a focus on packaged waste streams. It specialises in chemical and hazardous waste, contaminated soil, bulk liquids, industrial services and product destruction. Operating under multiple EPA licenses it manages all aspects of the waste management process including identification, packaging, transport and disposal. The business is a ‘go-to’ for highly complex and challenging tasks for corporate and government clients across Australia.

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